First Cut Technology

Patented Processing Technology.

Low processing temperature allows for retention of heat sensitive phytonutrients.

Patented processing equipment and process allows for enhancement of Vitamin levels in liquid fractions.

Key Advantages

- High levels of beta carotene

- High levels of Vitamin E

- Efficient processing method

- Improved product quality

- Compact sized system

Injection Coating

JF Nutritech provides vacuum injection coating services of feed supplements and additives from our facilities located in the Klang Valley and Penang to service you better

Effective inclusion of process sensitive ingredients into aquafeeds

Vacuum induced injection process ensures inclusion of Perfat Ruby effectively into pellet core

Ambient processing temperature ensures product integrity and ingredient stability

Key Advantages

Uniform mixing and distribution of coatings on pellet ensures maximum feed performance

Perfat Ruby coating protects the feed content and provides better water stability

Effective coating ensures good feed palatability and uptake of nutrients