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PhytoFAT Gold 80


PhytoFAT Gold 80 is refined gold palm stearin which is prilled into spherical beads in a chemical-free, low temperature environment using First Cut Technology and blended with fatty acids. PhytoFAT Gold 80 is produced as a highly digestible functional lipid with 200 ppm of natural beta carotene and 200 ppm of natural Vitamin E.


PhytoFAT Gold 80 can be used as a rumen bypass fat in ruminant feed formulation to meet the energy requirement of the farmed animal primarily and also to maintain body condition and improve the overall health of the target animal to allow for better milk production and quality.


PhytoFAT Gold 80 can be mixed into feed rations or fed directly to dairy animals as a supplement feed product to increase the available energy for maintenance and milk production.


PhytoFAT Gold 80 provides animals with a highly bio-available source of natural beta carotene and Vitamin E within its lipid matrix. The easy application and digestibility of PhytoFAT Gold 80 makes it an excellent energy source that can result in better milk production, extended lactation and also improved milk quality. PhytoFAT Gold 80 is produced from a sustainable vegetable oil resource which is important to ensure consistency in quality and supply, crucial for ensuring quality food production.


PhytoFAT Gold 80 can be added to animal feeds to meet the daily energy and nutrient requirements of the animal. The recommended dosage for inclusion of PhytoFAT Gold 80 in animal feed formulations  depends on the profile of the existing ingredient mix. PhytoFAT Gold 80 can be added or as a supplement to ruminants at levels as indicated below on a daily basis.


Lactating dairy cattle: 400g to 800g 

Dry cow: 100g to 150g

Beef cattle: 150g to 450g

Sheep & Goat: 50g to 100g  


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