Poultry Layer

Poultry Layer

Egg production is an important part of the poultry industry worldwide and in 2020 a total of 86.67 million metric tons of eggs were produced in the world. The egg production represented about 50% of the broiler meat production and required a feed input of about 200 million metric tonnes. The poultry layer market is interesting in that while China is by far the largest producer in the world with an annual output of 450 billion eggs it is dominated by numerous medium sized farms with less than 10 million layer birds.


The need to get laying birds to produce quality eggs more efficiently requires improvement of its health and nutritional status. Clearly the challenge of poultry layer farms is to have more cost efficient diets and improving the egg quality and productivity as well as extending the productive age of the hens while managing costs.

Our Solution

PhytoFAT Ruby is a natural functional lipid that is rich in beta carotene, Vitamin E and other phytonutrients which promotes poultry growth and survival. PhytoFAT Ruby has been shown to improve pigmentation of egg yolk color, as well as improve albumin formation leading to better egg quality. PhytoFAT Ruby brings added nutritional value to egg allowing potential of branded eggs. 


The chemical-free and low-temperature patented processing of PhytoFAT Ruby improves the bio- availability of these key nutrients, thus allowing laying birds to produce their eggs more consistently with consistent quality.


PhytoFat Ruby is unique in that it is a natural lipid source designed to not only meet the energy requirements of egg laying hens but also providing key nutrients to support the egg production by improving the overall health status of the bird through supplementation of key phytonutrients. PhytoFAT Ruby helps farmers to produce quality eggs that are more natural in a sustainable way.