Poultry Broiler

Poultry Broiler

Poultry farming is the most important food production sector in the world and in 2020 as much as 133 million metric tons of poultry meat was produced in the world, requiring a feed input of more than 280 million metric tonnes. Production cycles can be as short as 35 days for broilers to reach market sizes allowing poultry to have one of the shortest cycles in production of animal food.


As profit margins are continuously being challenged, the need for improved breeds that allow for shorter production cycles, improved production facilities that are more cost efficient becomes apparent. Disease prevention and biosecurity also play an important role resulting in more cost efficient players gradually dominating the market. Additionally, with increased customer awareness on food production coupled with the impact of social media on everyday life, there is increasing demand for the poultry industry to become healthier and more sustainable while managing costs.

Our Solution

PhytoFAT Ruby is a natural functional lipid that is rich in beta carotene, Vitamin E and other phytonutrients which promotes poultry growth and survival. PhytoFAT Ruby has been shown to improve skin pigmentation of farmed birds as well as increase carcass formation leading to better muscle bone ratios, and better feed efficiency. In general, PhytoFAT Ruby improve zoo-technical performance in terms of ADG, FCR and flock uniformity. 

The chemical-free and low-temperature patented processing of PhytoFAT Ruby improves the bio-availability of these key nutrients, thus allowing farmers to farm their poultry in a healthier and more sustainable way while staying cost competitive.

PhytoFAT Ruby is unique in that it is a natural lipid source designed to meet the energy requirements of fast growing birds; thereby supporting the growth of farmed birds and improving its overall health status through supplementation of key phytonutrients. PhytoFAT Ruby helps farmers to grow poultry more efficiently and sustainably to ensure customers eat with confidence.