More pork is consumed than any other meat in the world today making swine or pig farming one of the more important food production sectors in the world. Pig farming involves various stages beginning with breeding sows, followed by piglets, weaner and finally growing pigs, all of which requires duration of 5 to 6 months. The total production of pork was more than 110 million metric tons in 2019, requiring a feed input of more than 270 million metric tonnes. Feeding is applied in every stage of pig farming except the piglet stage.


Cost management, disease prevention and bio-security play an important role in ensuring the continued sustainability of pig farming and will be the main challenge for the industry to move forward. Diarrhea is one of the most common challenge in pig farming, especially in the piglet stage and also to a lesser extent, the weaner and grower stages.


Maintaining sow body condition and health is also essential criteria to farmers to ensure piglet quality and good reproductive performance for profit optimization. 

Our Solution

PhytoFAT Ruby is a natural functional lipid that is rich in beta carotene, Vitamin E and other phytonutrients which promotes growth and survival in pigs. PhytoFAT Ruby and PhytoFAT Gold 500 has been shown to improve health and survival of breeding sows and piglets as well as improve the carcass quality and appearance of pork meat produced through better marbling effect.

Feeding breeding sows with PhytoFAT Ruby or PhytoFAT Gold provides the energy and nutrients required for a smoother pregnancy and faster recovery following piglet production. PhytoFAT Ruby and PhytoFAT Gold 500 also helps to improve the milk quality which results in healthier piglets, with good reddish appearance, leading to less health problems and issues of diarrhea during the lactating stage.

The chemical-free and low-temperature patented processing of PhytoFAT Ruby improves the bio- availability of these key nutrients, thus allowing farmers to farm their pigs in a healthier and more sustainable way while staying cost competitive.

PhytoFAT Ruby is unique in that it is a natural lipid source designed to meet the energy requirements of porkers; thereby supporting the growth of pigs by improving its overall health status through supplementation of key phytonutrients. PhytoFAT Ruby helps farmers to produce pork more efficiently and sustainably to ensure customers have a better eating experience.