Shrimp is the largest group of shellfish cultured in the world today because of the market size, high value and short production period. Of the 5.0 million metric tonnes of shrimp produced annually, the Pacific Whiteleg shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) and Black Tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) are the main species produced, contributing almost 80% of the total farmed shrimp population. With intensification, the industry faces many challenges.


One of the main challenges in shrimp farming is disease, which usually results in heavy financial losses for the farmer. In addition to good management, successful shrimp farming requires good water, disease free fry and quality nutrition to support growth, survival and ensure profitability. As the industry undergoes intensification, improvements in shrimp growth sometimes can result in lowered survival, poor pigmentation, and uneven growth; all of which lowers the profitability of shrimp farms.

To succeed in shrimp farming especially at high densities, farmers must ensure that their shrimp is provided with the necessary nutrition for increased tolerance to stress while maintaining growth rates. While commercial feeds are fortified with key nutrients for growth, shrimp farmers also add supplementary ingredients to meet the needs of shrimp in their farms, especially when the stocking densities are high, in the hope that these additional supplements can contribute towards improving shrimp growth and survival.

Our Solution

PhytoFAT Ruby is a natural functional lipid that is rich in beta carotene, Vitamin E and sterols, which can easily be absorbed by shrimp for better growth performance. Beta carotene is crucial in providing the carotenoids that are integral to improving shrimp colour and also as a building block for Vitamin A and Vitamin E while playing a critical role in many physiological processes is also a very strong anti-oxidant that improves the organoleptic qualities of shrimp. Sterols form the building blocks for shrimp to undergo moulting, a basic process required for growth.

These natural forms of phytonutrients in PhytoFAT Ruby are very readily absorbed by shrimp owing to the processing nature of PhytoFAT Ruby which is chemical free and processed at low temperatures. The high bio-availability of these key nutrients allow PhytoFAT Ruby to easily improve growth and survival of shrimp farms while at the same time also enhancing its appearance and eating quality.

PhytoFAT Ruby is unique in that it is a natural lipid source designed to meet the energy requirements of fast growing shrimp; and also boosting the immunity of shrimp through supplementation of key phytonutrients necessary for sustained growth under intensive farming conditions. PhytoFAT Ruby can help farmers to produce faster growing, better looking and tastier shrimp sustainably in a more natural way.

The improved performance of shrimp with PhytoFAT Ruby is documented in Case Studies which can be downloaded in the Resources section.