Dairy Cows

Dairy Cows

Dairy cows can get pregnant with their first calf when they are about two years of age and can start producing milk thereafter. After giving birth, the cow will generally be milked for about ten months before they are given a period of rest of about two months. In this productive period of the cow, providing an adequate nutrition program can greatly improve the milk production and reproductive performance.


The main challenge facing dairy farmers is to ensure good milk production from their milking cows at all times. Cows like all ruminants, have a high intake of fiber from foraging which is relatively low in energy and minerals. Milk production in cows takes place after birth of the calf and usually requires for additional energy and nutrients to be provided to the mothers to ensure good milk yield.

Diets are formulated to meet the cow's daily energy needs and nutrient requirements for lactation, growth and reproduction. Bypass fat, usually in the form of Palmitic acid, is widely used to meet the energy needs of milking cows in order to ensure production levels are optimum.

Other issues affecting these are infertility, mastitis and lameness which may be caused by acidic conditions in the cow's rumen, leaving the cow vulnerable to other foot infections. These conditions result in deterioration of milk production levels which render the cost of feeding the cow unsustainable.

Our Solution

PhytoFAT Gold 80 is a natural functional lipid that is rich in beta carotene, Vitamin E and other phytonutrients which promotes milk production as well as improves the health status of milking cows, especially during pregnancy and after the calf is born. PhytoFAT Gold 80 contains Palmitic acid to improve milk production, and functional ingredients that help milking cows recover from labor helping it to speedily return to good health and productivity.

PhytoFAT Gold 80 has been shown to be effective in providing the necessary energy required by cows after birth of the newborn calf, to better recover and increase milk production. Feeding PhytoFAT Gold 80 to breeding cows improves milk quality which has higher lactose content, and improves its general health status and body condition for successful pregnancy. 

The chemical-free and low-temperature patented processing of PhytoFAT Gold 80 improves the bio- availability of key nutrients, thus allowing farmers to milk their cows in a healthier and more sustainable way.

PhytoFAT Gold 80 is unique in that it is a natural lipid source designed to meet the energy requirements of milking cows; while also supporting and improving the overall health status through supplementation of key phytonutrients. PhytoFAT Gold 80 helps farmers to produce higher lactose milk more efficiently and ensure sustainability.