About JF Nutritech

JF Nutritech is a specialty lipids company that develops proprietary technology to extract, process and manufacture plant based functional lipids products for commercial applications in livestock, food supplements, nutraceuticals, and oleochemical industries.

Who We Are

Entrenched in a strong engineering background, our heritage began in year 2000 where our founder started to design and build processing facilities and provided consultancy services for edible oil refineries in Malaysia and other neighboring countries.


Due to the growing demand for fat in the animal feed industry, we have expanded operations and expertises to processing palm oil-based products for our clients. The company’s passion and vision have driven the organization to go beyond OEM businesses and has since moved towards developing its own patented processing facilities and innovative range of natural functional lipids for the animal feed industry.  The organization aims to move to the next level in order to realize its pioneering endeavor in the global scene.


Thus, JF Nutritech Sdn Bhd was established in December 2020 to accelerate its business growth and establish itself as a global player.


The company places emphasis on its management systems and has been accredited with the international standards of quality and occupational health and safety i.e. ISO22000:2018 and HACCP. In addition, the company has a Good Manufacturing Practices–compliant (GMP) plant for the manufacturing of animal feed products that are marketed under its own brand names.



Our Vision

To be the world pioneer in advanced lipid technology for sustainable solutions and well being of all stakeholders.


Our Mission

To contribute to the quality of human life and the well being of our stakeholders by improving livestock performance with sustainable solutions that are made possible with our innovative range of natural functional lipids and our continued commitment to new research, development and proprietary processing technologies.